Marketing and AI : why is it so important ?

The field of marketing has been constantly evolving in recent years thanks to the digital economy. Indeed, many strategies and opportunities have evolved along with e-commerce, such as influence marketing. The integration of artificial intelligence into the field of marketing once again makes it possible to push marketing strategies further and change the relationship between the consumer and the company. Artificial intelligence is truly a godsend for predictive marketing or advertising marketing. Although it cannot replace the human being, it has an analytical capacity, memory and computing power that the human being cannot exceed.

The implementation of artificial intelligence is a real challenge for companies who would like to increase their turnover. Indeed, the use of AI for advertising marketing allows companies to determine and target the needs of consumers or prospects. And thus, to propose an offer adapted to their current needs. The use of the latter also makes it possible to set a price based on a customer’s ability and willingness to pay through dynamic pricing.

In terms of predictive marketing, AI provides a pleasant and easy experience for the consumer. Netflix has experienced this and offers content similar to the one viewed in order to provide its customer with a quality and enjoyable experience.

The use of AI is good for both the consumer and the company. Thanks to predilection or personalization, AI offers consumers unique content, linked to their needs and expectations. As a result, the consumer feels valued and satisfied with his experience. As for the company, AI allows it to target and personalize its advertising campaigns as part of advertising marketing and thus to have better KPI and ROI. And as part of predictive marketing, it improves the customer experience through its use and thus gains in terms of reputation and values.

Many people wonder about the limits of artificial intelligence, particularly in terms of invasion of privacy or profiling. It follows from the responsibility of the AI user company to ensure that the AI is non-intrusive and complies with legislation, such as the GDPR for EU Member States.

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