Google Assignments, a new tool to detect plagiarism and lack of sources

Google offers a wide range of products and services. The Mountain View giant is also very active in the world of education. Today, it unveils Assignments, a new tool to detect plagiarism and lack of sources.
Google wants to make plagiarism more difficult. The research giant today announced the launch of Assignments, a new tool for faculty using G Suite for Education. Previously known as Coursework, Assignments allows teachers to create, assign and rate student work via Google Docs and Drive. Initially, all student work that passes through Assignments and Classroom (formerly K-12) will receive an “originality report”, id is an assessment of the level of potential plagiarism.


Google launches Assignments, a plagiarism detection tool

To generate these originality reports, Google will scan the content for similar content on the web as well as in “tens of millions” of books. “We have learned from teachers that they copy passages from Google Search to check if their students’ work is authentic, a repetitive, inefficient and biased task. They also waste a lot of time writing their feedback on missing quotes and uncontrolled paraphrases. By integrating the power of Research into our tools, we can make these operations faster and easier,” wrote Brian Hendricks, product manager with the G Suite for Eduction, in a press release.

G Suite for Education

To stay in a virtuous circle, students can have up to three originality reports generated before submitting their work to their teacher. This would make it possible to delete passages that have not been revised enough, for example. Google is not the only one acting on this segment of education, we could mention TurnitIn and Grammarly, both of which use Google’s APIs. The Mountain View firm offers many tools for teachers, such a plagiarism detection tool makes perfect sense today. Interested parties can register to test the beta version of Assignments, before the tool officially joins G Suite for Eduction next fall.


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