Is Netflix one step away from putting himself in gaming sector ?

With Bendersnatch, Netlfix has released his second interactive story on its online library. The Christmas 2018 episode of Black Mirror was not Netflix’s first time in the interactive stories, thanks to the release of Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale in 2017.

Bendersnatch, the latest Black Mirror episode, is an interactive story in which you will make your own choices which will impact directly the scenario. With no less than 13 alternatives ends, Netflix comes up with a product which reminds the books where you’re the hero but in a digital support.

Netflix, Telltale and Minecraft

After a try with Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, an interactive story based on Puss, the cat of the Shrek’s movies, Netflix relapses in 2018 with Bandersnatch but also Minecraft : Story mode. This serie of 5 episodes based on the universe of the video game Minecraft was at a first a video game developed by the studio Telltale Game. This studio is known for developing interactive story games based on different franchises like Batman, or the Walking Dead. Minecraft: story mode was the first video game adapted for a streaming plateforme and it shouldn’t be the last due to the rise of cloud gaming.


Netlfix has released the 10th of April 2019 You VS Wild, another interactive story based on the famous Bear Grylls show Man VS Wild. This show use the interactivity through live action footage filmed with the codification of Man Vs Wild.

There is no doubt that interactive shows on streaming plateform is only the beginning. The rise of cloud computing will be the vector of the reunification between these different sectors of entertainement.


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