2024: autonomous vehicles BMW and MERCEDES circulation

The two car manufacturers BMW and MERCEDES plan to make available, within 5 years, autonomous vehicles.

They found a common agreement to work collectively on the production of tomorrow’s vehicles. Indeed, they both want to be able to market connected vehicles that will allow autonomous driving of vehicles on motorways.


It should be known that there are five levels of autonomous driving. The two German brands are working on a project of vehicles with a level 4 driving. It is a level that has a high autonomy, that is to say that there is no need to have an assistance from the driver. The cars listed in level 4 are able to accelerate and brake, guide the steering wheel, monitor the road, control the situation in case of problems on certain roads. However, this level 4 requires predefined conditions. Indeed, it is limited to a defined geographical area such as a motorway for example and meteorological indications. Thus, the driving of the vehicle becomes completely autonomous. The human intervention of a driver intervenes only when the vehicle leaves the zone delimited geographically, or that the meteorological conditions are changed. The vehicle must be capable of going out of a parking space on its own or stopping on a freeway area if the driver does not react as soon as the predefined conditions are no longer fulfilled.


Although this project is in coordination with the current digital age, it remains a point to resolve. Indeed, there are no common rules relating to the free movement of autonomous vehicles. In case of accident, who is responsible? The driver? The car company? The vehicle? If vehicles drive without real intervention by a driver, is driving license still required? Is there a reduction of the driving license to drive these cars?


The project brought together more than 1,000 driving experts from the two companies on the campus dedicated to BMW’s autonomous driving in Germany. The two manufacturers have other autonomous vehicle projects in parallel… There is more to wait for official presentations and circulation of vehicles.

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