Volkswagen tests self-driving cars in Hamburg

It’s  in early April that Volkswagen launched a test of 5 autonomous vehicles from the Golf model in Hamburg, Germany. The test is supervised by the VolksWagen research group and will allow these e-golf courses to cover around 3 kilometers of the German city.

These cars are derived from artificial intelligence and rely on data sensor technology. Each consists of: level 4 driving system, 7 radars, 14 cameras, 11 laser scanners, computing power ” equivalent to fifteen laptops ” … nothing misses these city to start the test.

All of these options are going to be allowed to all-round golfer information help to be respectful to the rules of the road. This information is in the form of data on the entourage of the car: pedestrians, priorities, cars, cyclists …

Preparation of the test:

Hamburg is a large port city that is open to technology, it has already adapted some routes to perform this test. Indeed, it has adapted some signs and traffic lights so that they are easily detectable and understandable by these vehicles.

The tests focus not only on the technical possibilities but also on the requirements for urban infrastructure.” says Axel Heinrich, Head of Volkswagen Group Research. “To make driving even safer and more comfortable in the future, not only must vehicles become self-sufficient and smarter, but cities also have a digital ecosystem that allows vehicles to communicate with each other and traffic lights and traffic management systems.

To succeed in this technological innovation, Hamburg will continue on its infrastructure adaptation plan and will go from 6 traffic lights adapted to 37.

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