The new tool of Google

On June 7, 2019, Google launched its new tool: Google Job Search. The new service of the American giant was already available for two years in the United States. The solution is integrated with Google’s search engine. Simply type the job search object to display a table of results that can be filtered with the date of publication, the name of the employer, the place or the type of contract.

This new service offers more direct access to job offers. This makes life easier for Internet users. Indeed, the user will have access to an offer and will know if the offer is duplicated on several sites. Finally, he will be able to choose the platform on which he wants to apply. If you have a Google Account, you can save the offers that interest you and create email alerts to receive the latest offers on your search.

If the service is easy for users, technical constraints exist for sites that want to be referenced. Indeed, if SEO is free for job boards (website that puts job offers online) it will be necessary to follow a specific process established by Google. The new tool made possible to increase the conversion rates of the websites (the users applies to the offer). The Ouest France Emploi website saw the number of applications tripled, for Cadremploi it was multiplied by five. This information shows us that there is a real opportunity for them to develop their business with this new tool. That enhance also that the offer is not clear fot the people who are looking for a job. They may be overwhelmed by the quantity and the disorganization of the offer.

Google’s goal is to organize jobs, so they are visible and easily accessible for the users. It can be quite restrictive to navigate in each of the job boards to find the offer that corresponds to us.

Once again Google manages to seduce everyone with a very useful tool for its users.

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