Walmart will deliver the Americans’ food to their fridge to counter Amazon

Walmart, which is trying to compete with Amazon in the field of home delivery, announced that its employees will not only deliver the groceries but also put them in the refrigerator. The new service called “InHome” is expected to be launched this year in several cities across the United States.

The idea is to go even further in the house than Amazon employees, who offer an electronic entry program called “Amazon Key”. Thanks to a code that is renewed every time, the Amazon employee can enter your house in your absence to drop off the packages and prevent them from staying on the mat and attempting indelicate people.

Same goes for Walmart. People who want to take advantage of the service will have to install an electronic opening device so that deliverers can enter. “We will deliver your groceries from your local store to your kitchen or garage and into your fridge, where they belong,” writes the distribution giant.


The driver’s actions recorded live

To overcome the reluctance of a stranger to bring your errands to you, Walmart ensures that they will be trained, their background checked and that they will have worked for at least a year for the group. And, for good measure, they will be equipped with a camera that will film their actions, which can be viewed live or reviewed later.

“You can follow the whole process live, from opening your door to putting it away in your refrigerator and all the intermediate steps, until your partner (Walmart employees’ names, editor’s note) leaves and locks the door,” the group says.

This service, which is intended to expand if it meets with customer support, is a new way for Walmart to diversify and try to regain ground on Amazon. The distributor announced free delivery the day after the order in May, a way to counter Amazon’s premium offer, which is subject to a charge.

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