Hacking : ” BUCKEYE “, a chinese hacker group use NSA spy tools to operate

A New York Times investigation reveals how a small group of Chinese hackers had access to the NSA technologies, and used it against the United States and so many others.

The story

Hackers who worked for the Chinese Government would have had access to spy tools technologies developed by the u.s. intelligence agency NSA.The information was unveiled by the New York Times newspaper which relied on a study  driven by Symantec, a company specializing in cybersecurity.

The facts go back to March 2016 when Beijing reported a computer attack on its ground, coming from the United States. The group, called “Buckeye”, supported by the Chinese secret services, took the opportunity to “capture” the code nestled within the NSA Cyber espionage technologies that caused the American attack. Once this precious code has been captured, the group used it to attack American companies specializing in sectors like nuclear or satellite technologies.

Chinese hackers would have also issued computer attacks to other such as Luxembourg, Belgium,Vietnam, the Philippines. The New York Times reveals that “hundreds of millions” of private communications have been consulted by the Chinese Government. “This is the first time we have faced this type of attack where a group takes advantage of the vulnerabilities of its direct enemy, exploits and uses them against him or uses it to attack his allies’’, says Eric Chien, director in charge of security at  Symantec.

These informations corroborate the fact that China is one of the most competent and persistent actors in the field of military intelligence. According to the American institution Pentagone, China seeks to “degrade” the main technological operational advantages of the United States. ”

Global broadcast

The captured espionage tools were also used beyond the Chinese borders, especially by North Korea or Russia. In April 2017, another group of hackers, called “shadow brokers” unveiled spying tools online and claimed that they were taken directly from NSA’s confidential files. The publication of these software has especially allowed the  “wannacry” attack that disrupted a lot of multinational companies in more than 150 countries back in March 2017. Finally, the leak forced the NSA to close some sensitive counter-terrorist operations.

Even though this theft of American technologies by the Chinese secret service dates from several years, their revelation intervenes in a tense context between the two countries.

Since several months, the Trump Administration has made known that he wanted not allow Huawei continue to enter into the US market because he suspects him to have close relation with the Government and the Chinese army.

Today, TRUMP execute his threat against China.

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Juriste titulaire d'une maîtrise en droit des affaires et carrières judiciaires, mon ouverture d'esprit et ma passion pour les NTIC m'ont conduit à l'Université de Strasbourg où je suis actuellement une formation en droit de l'économie numérique (notamment les données personnelles et la cybersécurité comme domaine d'intérêts).

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