Facebook Sustainibility

Facebook is commited to reduce its gas footprint by 75% and reaching 100% renewable energy by 2020. Facebook works to minimize its energy emission and water impact for a better sustainibility world. Facebook is commited to fight climate change. “Withdrawing from the Paris agreement is bad for the environment“, announced Mark Zuckerberg.


Data-driven approach

Facebook uses a data-driven approach to identify its environmental impact. The company tracks key performance indicators to know its carbon footprint. Data-driven approach shows strengths and weaknesses of it’s sustainibility program.


Sustainibility Data Centers

Every datacenter we build will be supported by 100% renewable energy“, announced Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO. Facebook’s data centers use more clean energy, like wind turbine and water cooling. The company decreases coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy. It’s data centers are 80% more water efficient than the average data centers. The Social Network uses green materials for its buildings and builds sustainibility facilities.

Facebook allows anyone to watch the real time efficiency performance at its data centers. The company has a transparent approach. The data center in Lulea, Sweden can be watch by the following link.

Facebook’s Data Center are certified by LEED Gold level certification. It’s the preeminent certification for Green Data Center.


Sustainibility work places

Facebook designs and builds green work places. They are good for the health of its employees and for the environment. The headquarter in California is powered by 100% renewable energy.The work places are designed with green materials and are supported with solar panels.


Collaboration for a better sustainibility

Facebook thinks that collaboration and partnership are the keys to green innovation. They share ideas for a greener world. Zuckerberg’s company supports an open global collaborative industry to be more energy efficiency. An open source Community is the key for a sustainable world.

Greenpeace rates Facebook with an “A” in its Clicking Clean Report about the Green IT.

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