How to defend against cybercrime


Cyber security is a current hot topic. Network leak, networks paralysis, Snowden events, etc. are constantly challenging the nerves of all netizens. Therefore, it is imperative to master corresponding network security protection measures.



Phishing has been exponentially growing in recent years, is also one of the most popular cyberattacks used by hackers. It is designed to trick users into tracking links or giving away their valuable information under false pretenses. So avoiding clicking on the phishing website can reduce the possibility of cyber crime.


IoT & hacker

The popularity of smart home appliances has also made household appliances one of the targets of hackers’ attacks. Hackers use remote control to make household appliances work abnormally or even leak private data. Once an electronic appliance  infected with a network virus, it is easy to infect the other equipment. If the appliance is equipped with a camera, IoT hacker can also remotely control to turn it on, all the personal privacy will be leaked unintentionally.

So when choosing a smart home appliance, we need to prioritize the selection of well-known brands. what’s more, installation monitoring tool which can constantly monitor the risk of any data breach can also help us to reduce the possibility of being attacked by IoT hackers.


Cyber ransomware

Ransomware is mainly a team crime. They use network technology to carry out continuous high-traffic attacks in the form of illegal cooperation. Their attack targets such as webcasts, online games, network cloud services, financial education and medical services. Only after the victim has paid the required ransom will the hacker return the network to be normal.

When ransomware occurs, the main task is to avoid further spread of the ransomware in the internal network and quickly recover data and services.

Firstly, isolate the infected host from other hosts to prevent further spread of the ransomware.

Secondly, it is necessary to conduct security risk investigation on the host in the area where the infected host is located, including hacker accounts, open ports, vulnerabilities, unsafe configurations (weak passwords, etc.), malicious programs (trojan backdoors), and so on.

Finally, use the backup data to rebuild a new platform.

What’s more, netizens also need to have basic protection knowledge.


Back up & Update

Most cyber attacks destroy electronic devices through a remote control. Once the electronic device is controlled, it  means that the stored data in the device may be leaked or damaged at any time. Therefore, data backup can minimize the risk of data loss.

Since the target of network crime is mostly for financial gains, enterprise and major public infrastructure network is more likely to be targeted by hackers than individuals, as a result, the formers need to back up all data in real time.

A regular updating anti-virus software and network firewall is a basic network protection measure. Anti-virus software can kill most of the known viruses, network firewalls can prevent some common network attacks.

Although we may find a useful solution of cybercrime, we still need to spend a lot of manpower and financial resources on dealing with it. As a result, don’t open any suspicious connections, don’t be curious about any mysterious website, don’t believe in any scam emails or messages. These three “don’t” can allow us to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime more or less.

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