Apple and his new service : the Apple Card

It’s here, Apple will arrive this summer with his new service, the Apple Card.

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Apple card is a credit card developed by Apple. The company want to change people point of view with this new slogan “simplicity, transparency, and privacy“. It is a very good idea by Apple, because this card operate only iPhone. This is an Apple Pay extension. The Card is physic or digital. To use this new service, Apple Card is in the “Wallet” app in your iPhone.

So it’s still a real marketing move of the brand because to use the new card, you have to have Apple products.

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The account you use for this card offers you the possibility of follow-ups thanks to a page dedicated to this, such as an app of a traditional bank. It’s like this:



According to Apple, “When you want to see how much you’re spending, there’s no need to log in to a separate website or app. Your totals are laid out for you in the Wallet app, by weeks or by months“.

This new service makes privacy and security its main considerations. Indeed, “when you first get your Apple Card, a unique device number is created on your iPhone. Then it’s locked away in the Secure Element.” It’s even possible to use your face like your code to authorize a purchase.

To sum up, Apple is proposing a card with a unique authenticity card number, a secure iPhone element and a purchase authenticated by Touch ID or Face ID. All of this is making the Apple card a unique identity card.

Finally, the great strength of the Apple Card, according to the brand, is the refund that the brand will give to its customers, between 1% to 3% depending on the purchases that customers have made with their card.


We don’t know if people will adopt this new card, but it will be interesting to keep an eye on it this summer. I may will be back for a new article to tell you the first impression …





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