Russia Goes “Offline” From Worldwide Internet

Nowadays, we pay more much attention to the Internet. More and more often we think that Internet has become an important part of our life. Always present on our PCs and Smartphones, at Home or at Work, doesn’t really matter where, but we know its there.

Recently a massive event, and an important digital innovation were made: One World Web. The challenge of One World Web consists in providing a constellation of satellites which will help to provide a high-speed and high-quality Internet access across the Globe. So for someone the first word that comes to mind is: FINALLY!
But not for everybody, for example: Russia…404 Error?!

Russia’s Federal Security Service said in October it was against the One Web’s project to bring Internet access to remote parts of the country because the agency said it could be used to gather intelligence and damage national security.
Anyway, One Web is not the reason of because Russian Government wants to “disconnect” the country from Internet. The real reason is that in February the State Duma of Russia adopted in first reading a draft law allowing disconnecting Russians from the World Wide Web. Parliamentarians claim that the project is a response to the American national cyber security strategy, where Russia was named among the countries that organized the hacker attacks.

This Law Project involves the creation of an infrastructure that could protect the Russian segment of the Internet from external threats. Otherwise speaking, a Law designed to provide Internet access in the country in the event of an emergency for natural or man-made reasons.

During testing the communication will remain between companies and organizations within the country, rather than internationally. The final date of the experiment has not been adopted yet.

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