Fake faces created by AI : Is it time to worry ?

We have all seen, in our social medias, those pictures of different human faces titled each with a quite alarming message : “This person doesn’t exist”. Although it might be a lot to take in, those people do not indeed exist. Those faces were actually generated by an artificial intelligence by the process of deep learning.

This technology is becoming more and more mainstream. Websites like Thispersondoesnotexist.com even propose a quick education on how to generate fake faces with their artificial intelligence by following a few simple steps.

Such possibilities might appear somewhat entertaining and quite exciting. However, they do raise at the same time, numerous questions and uncertainties.

Indeed, a positive outcome can be forseen from this phenomenon  with the creation, for example, of original anime characters, of even digital movie characters. The possibilities are unlimited and it does seem that there is no more boundaries whatsoever as far as creativity is concerned. However, we cannot help but imagine as well a very possible and likely misuse.

The world is dealing now with a level of inventiveness that is unprecedented in crime. Thus, a technology like this could lead to the creation of fake identities behind which real criminals could safely and anonymously hide. There is, therefore, something to be at least worried – not to say scared – about regarding the difficulties that governments have in fighting crimes online and in real life on a daily basis. They say with great power come great responsibilities.

Consequently, the law should act as fast as possible in trying to frame the use of such  technologies so that the worst can be anticipated.

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