Million data and me : health data hub

Today, an enormous amount of high-value digital health data is stored in data centers around the world. In France, it concerns social security, medical files, hospital data, IOT health data, but also health information published on social networks. The National Health Data System (SNDS) is one of Europe’s biggest data bases. The challenge in France is to make our country a reference actor in the field of health data.

But what is health data ?

This refers to “personal health data” i.e. data relating to the physical or mental health, past, present or future, of a natural person (including the provision of health care services) which reveals information on the state of health of a person.

Three categories of data are included in this concept : health data by nature, which, because of its crossover with other data, becomes health data in that it makes it possible to draw a conclusion on the state of a person’s health or the risk to a person’s health; and finally, the information that becomes health data because of their destination, that is to say the use that is made of them at the medical level.

The Health Data Hub

To position the country favourably on the data market and to foster innovation, the President of the Republic announced, on June 12, 2018, the launch of a prefiguration mission for a Health Data Hub, a platform for the exploitation of health data.

Announced as one of the strong points of the strategy of the French AI, it would be ” a one-stop shop, secure in order to allow the sharing of health data in respect of patients’ rights and ensuring transparency with civil society. It will pool technological and human resources and will be a tool for promoting innovation to make France a leader in health data “.

Objectives of the Health Data Hub : a trusted third party.

It would be a matter of respecting a founding principle according to which all of our health data constitutes a shared wealth and must be put at the service of the greatest number in the respect of our society’s ethics and values and the fundamental rights of our citizens.

Opportunities and challenges :

One of the great challenges will be finding the right link between the role of the public and the private sector. Particularly creating a sensitive balance in health between public health issues, where we collect data to offer better a treatment to patients. And the industrial policy of attracting foreign industrialists to France to exploit the data.

But Foremost, it is necessary to respect people’s right to privacy and a private life. This raises ethical questions concerning the anonymization of data.

At the time of the revolution of AI and big data the opportunities are vast. Diagnostics can be greatly improved through algorithms. They will thus make it possible to go from a curative medicine to a preventive medicine, which is more personalized, and offers a better management of rare diseases. But for that to happen it is necessary to know how to exploit this health data correctly and in particular with the creation of a national secure platform.

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