FC Barcelona : first European stadium with 5G


At the end of February, the Catalan club presented its connectivity project to improve the fan experience from the 5G coverage of its sports arena.

FC Barcelona is the first European club to have a sports venue covered by 5G thanks to its collaborations with Telefonica and Ericsson. The club aims to become a leader in football innovation and technology. After the Barça Innovation Hub* program, as well as several conferences on innovation in sport, the club is seeking to exploit and develop the capacities of the Camp Nou. In February, the management unveiled its plans for this new technology at the Mobile World Congress.


To make the experience more immersive for viewers at home

5G technology should make it possible to considerably improve the broadcasting of matches on television.

The Catalan club intends to equip its grounds with multiple 360° cameras in all four corners of the stadium, without the need of cables, allowing the best possible capture of the show. 

These cameras will enable viewers to watch a football game as if they were at the stadium, thanks to virtual reality. They will be able to watch a game from any point of view and in ultra-definition 4K.

The high 5G bandwidth will also prevent any latency during television broadcasting and saturation within the speaker itself.

“Thanks to the partnership established with GSMA, in collaboration with Telefonica, we will make the Camp Nou a real laboratory for innovation in the use of mobile technologies, via 5G “, Josep Maria Bartomeu, President of FC Barcelona said.

The project is part of the “5G Barcelona” initiative which goal is to consolidate the Catalan capital’s position as a European reference in mobile telephony.

Sports fans are always looking for new ways to live their favorite game … Once again, they will not be disappointed, especially for FC Barcelona’s international supporters, who live several thousand kilometers from the Camp Nou. This revolution will change the way football is consumed in the future. 



* Barça Innovation Hub : to create an ecosystem that bolsters knowledge and innovation, based on a model that promotes a culture of excellence and collaboration with prestige brands, universities, research centers, startups, entrepreneurs, students, athletes, investors and visionaries from all over the world.




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