Miying Tencent: artificial intelligence helps screen multiple high-risk cancers


In August 2017, Tencent group released Miying by which Tencent will be capable to enter into the medical field in making use of the artificial intelligence. Miying takes advantage of the AI technology in order to specialize in the early screening of several high-risk cancers, such as esophagus cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, etc.

Early esophageal cancer is difficult to be accurately screened. The artificial intelligence technology of Tencent Miying can increase the detection rate of esophageal cancer by 95%. With early screening for this cancer, Tencent Miying has reached an agreement with the regional authoritative cancer hospital and research institution in Guangdong, the province with the highest incidence of esophageal cancer in China. Miying collects the endoscopic images, pathologic and surgical treatments data of more than 60,000 ancient patients through the partner hospital in order to improve the efficacity and the accuracy of early screening of esophageal cancer by recognizing image results within the usage of machine learning methods. By integrating the technology and data, the software will be able to recognize which part of the esophageal image is inflammation and which part is the lesion of cancer.

In addition to early screening for esophageal cancer, Tencent Miying still has great prospects of application for image recognition of early lung cancer, diabetic retinopathy, breast cancer and other diseases, as well as medical knowledge maps and disease diagnosis models. Taking lung cancer screening for an example, early lung cancer shows nodules with small size, low contrast and high shape heterogeneity. Manual reading of the images is time-consuming and laborious. The early screening by artificial intelligence can read the CT image of the patient’s chest and detect a tiny nodule of a beyond-3 millimeters size with a detection rate of more than 95%.

Early screening of cancers is an important method to reduce the death rate. The machine learning and AI will shine in the area of medicine where all the rules and boundaries are clear and definite. With the application of innovative technology for the early screening of multiple high-risk cancers, Tencent Group shows its reflection about how to better integrate its technological capabilities accumulated during the years, such as artificial intelligence, big data, geolocation information systems, and mobile payment, into traditional industries.

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