Apple watch : savior of your life


On September 2018, Apple unveiled its new watch: the Apple Watch Series 4. As described by my colleagues in their article, this new gadget is known for the integration of medical features. Thanks to that whole new system, the Apple-brand already saved lives.


The ECG : valuable help in the diagnosis of cardiac pathologies

Apple Watch’s ECG feature measures the heart rate of its owner, when he wears it on its wrist. When the device notices an irregularity, it will send a notification to its user. Since its beginning, this new technology has identified some cases of atrial fibrillation which is a common rhythm disturbance, and of tachycardia caused by a high heart rate. If your wearable indicates a repeated anomaly, don’t wait until the last moment to see a doctor !

Better still, another new function was added to the 4th Apple Watch and has already alerted emergency services after its owner fall.


The fall detection feature

The fall detection feature was set up to alert family members, close friends and emergency services if the owner stays silent after a fall. This is what happened this February 2019, to a Norwegian man aged of 67 years old. During the night, he tried to join his bathroom, but he fainted and fell on the floor. The wearable is programmed to call the emergency services after a lack of response of one minute. First aiders found him totally unconscious and brought him to the hospital. He got away from this thanks to his connected watch.


Many people were suspicious when the watch first came out. Now, mostly seem surprised and convinced by the performance of this little gem. Will you adopt it soon?



Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images on Pixabay

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