Facebook closed numerous accounts in Indonesia because of fake news

Security and regulation of Internet is not only a problem of Western countries. Nowadays, Facebook shuts down hundreds of Indonesian accounts linked to fake news for protecting election.

Indonesian police consider that there is an online criminal group which spread frequently false information for years. This group is called “Saracen”. In 2016, three members of this group were arrested by police because of propagation of disinformation. This time, during the election period in Indonesia, some accounts of the same group spread link to malicious speech and fake news.

The Indonesian government and Facebook are very concerned about this issue. To fight against this phenomenon, the Net giant has created an “electoral integrity” team in Singapore. Facebook had opened a “crisis cell” to protect the elections.

Facebook has already removed 207 pages, 800 accounts and 546 groups related to fake news organizations. As well as 208 Instagram accounts are deleted with the identical reason.

This is not the first time that fake news has some bad influences. In 2016, fake news had already appeared. In 2018, the famous scandal Cambridge Analytica occurred. This company used psychometric data for advertising targeting on Facebook for Donald Trump during his campaign, which seriously undermined the image of the social network.

In Europe, European Parliament mobilizes against fake news for 2019 European elections. Spokesperson of European Parliament, Marjory Van Den Broeke, explained that manipulation of disinformation is becoming a big danger to democratic system of Europe.

Fight against fake news on social networks becomes a major challenge to ensure the national value and democracy for every country.




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