Safe-Kid-One: this children’s watch is more dangerous than it looks.

The European Commission has ordered the recall of this smart watch, from the German brand APEX, intended for children due to security breaches. The products sold are also recalled.

Anything but safe.

Iceland alerted the European Commission to the serious privacy breaches of this equipment, as these connected watches would not comply with the European Radio Equipment Directive (RED)
Equipped with a GPS, microphone and loudspeaker, they are designed to allow parents to monitor their children’s comings and goings.
The problem is that these watches present serious breaches of confidentiality. Indeed, as the RAPEX alert points out: “The mobile application that accompanies the watch does not encrypt communications with its server and the server allows un-authenticated access to the data. As a result, data such as location history, phone numbers, serial number can be easily retrieved and modified. »

A malicious user could therefore communicate with the child, send commands and even locate the child by GPS. Safe-One Kid turns out to be the opposite of safe.
But that’s not all. Digging a little deeper, Christian Bernieri, an Italian data security specialist, discovered that the link to the privacy policy of the watch’s companion application, something that every site should have, redirects to a Linkedin account owned by a Chinese developer but without further information. 
This will further fuel concerns and raise doubts about the seriousness of the ENOX brand.

This is the first time that the European authorities have wanted to remove a product from the market due to a “data confidentiality problem” through the use of the “RAPEX” system, an early warning system for non-food products.


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