Daisy : YOOX’s AI, your personal shopper

The YOOX’s company developed a new artificial intelligence, Daisy. She is a humanoid robot. She’s like Sofia, an artificial intelligence created by David Hanson.

Daisy looks like a beautiful woman. YOOX aims to develop their e-commerce site via Daisy and their new collection called “8 by YOOX”. She wears many clothes like a fashion girl. Through the platform, it is possible to buy many clothes and Daisy is like an avatar who tries them on for us.

It is an idea between a e-commerce platform and a traditional shopping in a store.

For the marketing operation, Daisy has a Instagram page. On this account, there are a lot of pictures of Daisy. For exemple :

(source : screenshot in the Yoox instagram account)

Mélodie Thomas, a writer for Marie-Claire.fr, interviewed Daisy. “For Daisy : “Emphasize the communication between Yoox and its customers or the people who follow the e-shop is my main mission”.”

It is through the application YOOXMIRROR that we can find daisy. There are on this application a lot of “stories”, like “new retro”, “milan mix” etc.

If you clic on a story, you are with Daisy, if you swipe-up, you have the choice between different “Daisy”, with different ethnicities, Asian, African, and more “European”, or blond, brown or black hair woman etc. It is possible to try on the clothes on the AI. It’s also possible for men. There is a man’s avatar.

According to thecurrentdaily.com, “The feature is currently available for both men and women on the retailer’s iOS app.”

New technologies are coming more and more into our daily lives. Everything is done to mix our daily life with the virtual world.

And you, what do you think of Daisy ?










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