Cisco joins Microsoft and Apple for an American-style GDPR.

After Microsoft and Apple, it’s another technology giant that is calling for the implementation of an American-style RGPD. This initiative comes after the discussion a few months ago between US Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal and the Republican Jerry Moran.

This program would be managed by the Federal Trade Commission. This agency, which is independent of the US government, would have the power to sanction breaches of this possible regulation.


The European DGPS as a model 

“You deserve privacy.” Here are the words held by Tim Cook on January 16 at Le Time newspaper. Apple’s CEO is one of many personalities advocating for the introduction of a system similar to the RGPD. 

Mark Chandler, Cisco’s General Counsel, joins Tim Cook in his comments. The Californian firm also makes data confidentiality a priority. 
In an interview with the Financial Times, he said: “The DGMP has worked well and, with a few differences, this is also what should be introduced in the United States”.

“A more American approach”

California has already expressed a positive opinion on the idea of such a regulation in its state, and the law should even come into force in 2020.

Even if we can imagine that their version will differ from the European one, the appearance of an RGPD in the United States seems unavoidable today.
However, fear of sanctions and pressure from lobbies could loosen up future legislation, as an anonymous leader pointed out in the Financial Times: “If the United States goes down this path, it will have to adopt a more American approach to business and regulation.” But what should we mean here by “a more American approach”? Maybe less integrity?

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