Your Sonos speaker now works with Youtube Music


Sonos officially announced the partnership with the Youtube Music application from 30 January 2019 for a better using experience. This association will allow users who subscribe to Youtube Premium or Youtube Music Premium to listen to their playlists, albums, covers and more with any speaker of Sonos.

As a speaker with high-end sound quality, Sonos’ partnership with Youtube Music makes Sonos more competitive facing other intelligent speaker giants. Compared with other brands of intelligent speakers, Sonos pays more attention to the sound quality. Users can evolve the Sonos speaker to a true Home Theater System, with a subwoofer, a TV speaker and a compatible sound bar for a better listening experience. At the meantime, the calibration function of Trueplay on the Sonos mobile application allows the listener an ultimate enjoyment of the best sound quality with any kind of display in any space modeling by his or her own control. Only this speaker brand that has a high pursuit of sound quality can satisfy the users who love music and demand sound quality.

Sonos’s vast cloud music database can support its users’ listening needs, and the collaboration with YouTube Music is a further expansion of music content providers. In order to attract more young users, Youtube Music also introduced student discounts in its paid business segment. Holding the biggest stream of music content, the combination of the latter two can make the listening experience more intelligent for those paid service subscribers, such as pushing similar music for users according to their previous search history, or pushing playlists of different themes to explore new fun.

As the really big one among the pay music platform, Youtube Music reached the cooperation with Sonos which can show Youtube’s determination for the competition with other music streaming providers, knowing that Sonos is also in partnership with Spotify, Deezer, Appel Music and Bandcamp.

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