The Alsatian Summary at the CES 2019


From 8 to 11 January 2019, in Las Vegas took place the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). This exhibition is the most important, its concerns all new innovations and technologies which can emerge soon.

This year, at CES, about 4,500 companies from 150 countries were exposed. From these 4,500 companies, 420 were French, which make France the 3rd country represented at the CES 2019, behind the USA and China.

Of these French companies, 8 of them are Alsatian, comparing to only 5 in 2018.

To have the opportunity of representing their projects on the CES, these companies must have a technology that is truly innovative and it’s prepared to enter the market.

We were able to find the company Hypno VR, which mixes virtual reality with hypnosis in order to benefit the advantages of medical hypnosis treating anxiety, for example.

Another company, use virtual reality in its project called: Gizmo. With their “Viewwer” application, they offer the opportunity to visit apartments or houses available on the market, no matter where we are located.

InMan, a young start-up, mixes connected objects with “a touch” of ecology. Indeed, their project would make it possible to set up an autonomous shower system, which means that we can, for example, choose the water temperature without waiting for the water to heat up as soon as the tap is opened. This innovation will help to reduce water consumption in habitats.

ACEA, CardioRenal, Quantmetry, Soonder and Transchain are other Alsatian companies that have combined new technologies and originality to impose their presence at CES 2019.

The exhibition closed its doors on 11th of January 2019, so all that remains for us, is to wait until 2020’s edition to find out what Alsace has left in its store.

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