The new Capellix LED technology from Corsair

During the 2019 CES in Las Vegas, several high-tech innovations were presented, in particular by Corsair, well known for its cases and keyboards. The presentation of Corsair’s innovative Capellix lamps, presents its Capellix LEDs, a technological breakthrough for RGB LEDs.


A new size

Traditional LEDs are mounted in a large SMD box, which limits the total area to which the LEDs can be attached. In partnership with Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Primax, Corsair has developed a new manufacturing process to place miniature LED matrices directly on a printed circuit board.

The new Capellix LEDs are considerably smaller than an RGB LED with a volume of only 0.2 mm³ compared to 2.8 mm³ for SMD LEDs.


A different consumption

This new technology gives users a better RGB experience with higher density, brighter and more efficient LEDs that consume less energy and have a longer life.

A Capellix LED is up to 60% brighter, 60% more efficient. This not only allows Corsair to clutter even more LEDs on a printed circuit board to get lighter shades with 40% less energy consumption and a service life up to 35% longer than an RGB LED. An important technological advance.

LEDs are so effective that it will be able to integrate them into the RGB lighting of computers and adapt them to computer applications such as keyboards and wireless headphones without compromising battery life.


Launched in February 2019

The first Corsair materials to use Capellix LEDs are the RAM Dominator Platinum RGB memory modules which include 12 Capellix RGB LEDs for lighting.

Corsair will implement Capellix LEDs throughout its range of RGB lighting products, including memory modules, case fans, wireless gaming devices, peripherals such as mice, keyboards and headsets where space can be limited.


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