Pay with a ring… yes, you read correctly


After the possibility to pay with your credit card, mobile phone or even with your Instagram subscribers, comes now the turn of the connected ring.


Present at CES 2018 and 2019 in Las Vegas, ICARE Technologies presented its Aeklys ring, the brand new payment method that will not be limited to this function. Aesthetic and practical, this jewel will soon replace the credit cards and smartphones for the various purchases. Payment will be made in the same way as a credit card with the contactless option, with presenting the ring to the debit-card terminal, but a big difference appears: the maximum amount of the transaction. With a contactless card, payment of an amount exceeding 30€ will not be authorized, whereas it will be possible to increase up to 800€ with the ring. Then comes the question of banking processing security.

Some people remain reluctant to use contactless payment limited to 30€ since we are not safe from losing our credit card and a malicious person can use it. What about a limit of 800€? It is possible that part of the population may be reluctant to buy this ring for fear of losing it and thus provide a means of payment, without the need for a code, to a person who could misuse it. Don’t worry, an application will allow you to remotely disable the features of this ring.

Concerning the other features, it will also be a question of using this ring instead of a magnetic card used to open hotel rooms, a museum ticket or a car key.

Although it is a ring, you will not be able to buy it in a jewellery store. You will have to face your banker if you want to acquire it.

After years of testing and development, this ring is scheduled for sale in 2019 for €179 in pre-order on the company’s website.

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