FlyZoo hotel:All we have is just artificial intelligence

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If you go into a hotel where you can’t find any receptionists or managers, don’t doubt yourself going into the wrong place, maybe you are now in the space which is something unmanned.

An unmanned hotel named the future hotel (also named the Flyzoo hotel) is located in Hangzhou province of China.

In this hi-tech hotel, from the application of big data, the robots which serve customers, to the systems of face recognition and voice recognition, all of these technical supports are designed and developed by Alibaba. So how can the guest experience a new lifestyle here?


When guests enter the hotel, a robot will guide them to the automatic identification system machine. Guests are required to self check-in according to the instructions shown on this machine. Here are two ways to complete the check-in: either guests can check-in by using the automatic face recognition system, or they can use the automatic recognition machine to scan the electronic ID card on their phones.

Once the recognition succeeds, a series of information of guests will be transmitted to all the facilites such as the elevators, the fitness room and the robots, as well as the guest room for certain.

The robot will then guide guests into the room from the lobby, after the success of recognition, the hotel elevator will open automatically to wait for the guest. After entering into the elevator, using the same system of identification above-mentioned can make the elevator automatically stop at the right floor, after leaving the elevators, guests go to their guest room. While standing in front of the room door, they use the system of identification again, once the door opens, it means the check-in is accomplished.

In the room

Once the room door opens, it means that all the electronic facilities in this room are available: the guest can adjust the indoor temperature, the brightness of lights, draw the curtain and turn on the television just through the voice control. Each room is equipped with a “housekeeper”: this is a robot which can communicate with the guest. this robot can provide a series of service such as helping the guest ordre dishes and reserve a Karaoke room.

Diet and leisure

All the public area like restaurants, gyms, swimming pools and saunas are equipped with the recognition system, in other words, in this hotel, with a quick facial recognition can let the guest use any kinds of public facilities no matter when.


The check-out procedure is carried out on the guest’s mobile phone. After clicking “check out”, all the expenses during this time will displayed on their phones in real time. Once the guest click “Confirm Payment”, it is indicated that the entire check-out is accomplished. As for the room cleaning, Alibaba has outsourced to the relevant local housekeeping companies.

The above is the introduction of relevant operation procedure from the check-in to the check-out. The whole process is very intelligent and highly-technical. It can reduce so much costs for Alibaba, especially labor costs. This advanced hotel can make the guest feel the technological civilization. But when the service industry is completely replaced by a series of intelligent devices, will the guest develop a sense of loneliness? Because there is no more communication between people in this kind of intelligent hotel. Does the hi-tech hotel limit the type of guest to stay? Such as the seniors who can’t adapt to hi-tech devices quickly. The author believes that the prospect of a hi-tech service industry is mixed.

And you, if there is an unmanned hotel in your city, would you like to stay?

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