The innovations of E-commerce which facilitate the life and increase the sales

Innovations become more and more important in helping these tradesmen to sell.

Since a few years, it is frequent to hear about society of overconsumption and this one digitizes. The e-tradesmen are increasingly numerous and are in search of techniques allowing to increase their sales and their turnovers.

In the physical world, 55% of the customers on average who enter a store arise with a purchase over all sectors. On the Web, it is often less than 3%” affirm the acting general of Fevad, Marc Lolivier. The difference between the two percentages is big, it must be reduced to observe a better rate of conversion.

Innovations come to facilitate the process of online shopping for everyone :

– Better guide and advise for customers because of the data. Indeed, cookies and all others used algorithms allow personalizing the offers and the publicity by aiming at products which the customer has already clicked or searched. The customer will have the feeling to receive personalized offers.

– The voice command is a new technology coming to facilitate the on-line purchases since the potential consumers have to simply only speak to receive information on their products and then to proceed to the purchase.

– The visual recognition of products is also a new technology which tries to develop. When a person perceives a product in the street, in the front window or on the social networks, she just needs to photograph him (or make a screen shot), the “engine” will find a similar product. The intelligent chatbot robots can come to complete this technique because they answer questions which they are asked and then play the role as a real personal shopping adviser.

– Reinsurance is an almost essential element during the process of online shopping because the consumer feels assured to carry out the good purchase at the right place. The notation of the other customers, the comments and the sharing of experiments increasingly precious for the marks because it is enormously looked before proceeding to the purchase.

– The deadline costs of delivery can be sometimes looked unfavorably, this is why the sites of e-commerce in the textile offer the free returns. Zalando proposes even the free trial: “we pay only what we keep”.

– A new creation: digital adversities with the own measurements of the Internet user. It is possible to make to him try clothes, with an aim of having an idea of what that would give on ourselves. It also exists in the field of the interior design: through a tablet or a smartphone, the potential buyer can integrate a 3D object into his lounge or his kitchen.

– To follow directly(live) the route of its parcel thanks to the real time geo-localization allows to produce the more reliable delivery. Amazon tests at present the warehouse of package at home or in the chest of cars with an access authorized remotely by the owner.

Projects coming in 10 years :
Deliveries by drone,
A mirror to try its clothes virtually,
Mobile and autonomous grocer’s shops.

A propos de Hélène SPRUCINSKI

Étudiante en Master 2 Commerce électronique à l'université de Strasbourg. Intéressée par les nouvelles technologies et tout ce qui est en lien avec l'e-marketing.

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