How control cookies storing on your devices ?

According to Lou Montulli, the creator of cookies, “so we have to deal with this problem in some way and cookies give the much of the power back to the user, so users who really care about strong privacy protections can go in and change their settings and changed how their web browser works so that they can take control back. “. Thus, the will of cookies creators was to let a sufficient room for to users. In order to protect privacy, some advices should be given to users on the internet navigation.


  1. Control browser’s settings

Most browsers should permit to its users to configure the restriction applying to cookies.

Thus, on Google Chrome, it is strongly recommended to:

– Block cookies and website data (first and third party cookies)

– Allow cookies which comes from current website only

– Allow cookies from all websites visited

– Allow cookies from all websites


How process to configure the browser?

1- Find the browser setting.

For example on Google Chrome, it is on the three little points on the top rights of the welcome

page ( ). Select “Setting”.

2- Below, select “Advanced”

3- In the section “Privacy and security”, select “Content setting”

4- Selection “Cookies”

5- This page is open

6- The user can configure his browser settings.


  1. Clean the navigation history

It is also recommended to regularly clean the history of navigation on the browser. The same process should be followed but, on the settings, select the “history tab” and follow the instruction on the left.

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