VIVO NEX – Full borderless Screen without a notch

Just on June 12th, vivo launched a second star product in this year, vivo NEX.

As the technology crystallization of vivo in the mobile phone manufacturing industry for many years, Vivo NEX has the “screen fingerprint unlocking” technology that was first unveiled on the X20 Plus UD. It also brings a “zero – full screen” with a screen ratio of 91.24%. “And the cool “lifting front camera”.

When the sun shines on the jade, it is the colorful black.
Vivo NEX can make a deep impression on the appearance, the biggest “power” is this 6.59-inch “zero – full screen”. In terms of technology, vivo has ultra-narrowed the border around NEX’s screen. On the theoretical parameters, the width of the left and right borders of the screen is only 1.21mm, and the screen ratio of the whole screen reaches an astonishing 91.24%.

After removing the traditional earpiece opening, it is replaced by a new “full screen sound technology.”

Compared to the “cantilever piezoelectric ceramics” and “piezoelectric ceramics” that have appeared on other mobile phones in the past, the vivo NEX uses a micro-vibration unit sounding technology. Simply put, the principle is to narrow the sound vibration range and concentrate more, while providing a better quality of hearing, but also avoiding the “leakage” caused by the whole screen vibration.

In this regard, the vivo NEX features a “lifting front camera” design. In fact, this solution has already been seen on the vivo APEX concept machine at the beginning of the year, but NEX is a mass production model, and its application technology is more mature. The lift front camera is made of stainless steel and its reliability and durability are further enhanced.

When the front camera needs to be called, the camera module will automatically rise, and will automatically lower after use. When the camera is raised and lowered, it will also provide sound effects. The slightly mechanical BGM improves the hearing from the hearing. The texture of the camera.

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