Drive-through: a pillar of the retailers’ commerce strategy

Long before the Internet and all its new technologies, the consumer in supermarkets, with his shopping cart, zigzagged in the aisles to do his shopping. But today, supermarkets no longer seduce: “The consumer is not particularly excited at the idea of spending a Saturday afternoon in a supermarket” and looking for the pleasure of doing his shopping. Moreover, aware that the price remains at a determining factor, online price comparison has become a reflex for the consumer who seeks at all costs, to save money.

To meet the expectations of their customers, supermarkets are reinvented in the background and in the form. To save time for busy consumers, retailers decide to create Drive-through: locations where consumers can pick up out their shopping placed on the Internet without leaving their cars. Adopted in the early 2000s by the big group Auchan, this concept appeals to all brands that meet there little by little. The Drive-through who played a crucial role in the war between large retailers, a benefit to require less administrative authorization than a former one. That is why, today it is more than 4036 Drive-through who enter the market on the French territory for more than 5 billion euros of turnover, according to the figures of Nielsen for the Federation of the electronic commerce and of distance selling (FEVAD).

Today, entered the mores, this concept to omnichannel cyber-consumers and becomes a pillar of the e-commerce strategy. The weight of the Drive-through (5.2% of the consumer products market) shows that distributors have not planned to resist the giant Amazon in the food industry.

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