Hashtag and Search engine optimisation: a new opportunity


Optimized hashtag is an innovative project to be developed for search engines optimizers. The hashtag can be defined as a word, preceded by the pound sign (#). This sign is the history of a true success story, that could benefit natural referencing.

Optimized hashtag: an opportunity for businesses

The hashtag is mainly used on social media and enjoys a great popularity. The aim of hashtags is to gather groups of conversations towards a same theme. This technic, implemented to natural referencing, could be very profitable for companies wishing to seize a new opportunity. Indeed, let us imagine web users interested in digital economy. They will click on #DigitalEconomy and will be redirected to a page including every publication that uses #DigitalEconomy. Articles of our student blog might appear and thus, gain new loyal readers.


A binding optimization due to the decreasing popularity of links

One of the main problem with hashtags is to generate variable results and uniquely based on the keywords you cliqued on. Therefore, the links are often of poor quality and the web page containing the hashtag will lose in notoriety and thus in referencing quality.
Certain technics exist to bypass this decreasing popularity, but they are often related to “Black Hat SEO”. The integration of hashtags can be complicated for a search engine optimiser. It is why index management (and deindexation) is a crucial part of this method.
The use of hashtag is not the best, or more efficient technic for an effective web referencing. Still, it is essential to develop this mechanism, particularly if the targeted audience is young and already predominantly uses hashtags on social media.



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Etudiante en Master 2 Commerce Electronique (Université de Strasbourg) En cours de spécialisation en E-business, Webmarketing et Cyber sécurité.

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