The growth of the internet and social networks has changed the way we approach marketing. It needs to constantly innovate and use new techniques to influence the consumers. Viral Marketing has established itself as THE online promotional lever.


Viral Marketing: The electronic word of mouth

The Viral Marketing puts the internet user at the core of the communication process. This strategy consists in sharing a video, a tweet or a picture to your contacts, who will then share the message to their own circle. Thereby the consumer is participating to the brand’s communication.
The advantage of this strategy is to reach a maximum of people, in a shortest time.
The offer spreads like a virus, without the internet user’s notice, or just identifying the content as an advertisement.

The keys to a spontaneous sharing

The main goal of viral marketing is to create for the web user, a spontaneous desire to share.
Here’s how to create a successful viral marketing:
First of all, it will be necessary to clearly define the target and adapt the message to it, it will allow us to ensure the coherence of the communication. In a second time, you will have to create a content that’s both attractive and entertaining in order to capture the attention of the consumer.
Last but not least, it will be necessary to generate an interest of the user to make him want to share the content. To do that, it will have to work on the emotional appeal, whether it’s love, hate or loneliness.

A well operated campaign

“Edeka”, one of the German large distribution biggest names, with their advertisement “#Heimkommen” (#ComeHome)
This very emotional ad has generated, in only 10 days, more than 40 million clicks.
Link (Youtube)

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