DevOps, the agility process

Companies often meet difficulties when they have to delivery product fast and with high level of quality. Mainly, the difficulties exist in both development and production. In most companies theses two aspects are separated considering cultural differences and a lack of communication between these two teams. To solve these difficulties and silos between both team, a lot of company use the agility process DevOps.

DevOPs is the contracted name of “dev engineers” and “ops engineers”. It’s an agility method used in software production. The goal of using DevOPs is to improve communication and collaboration between the two units. Most of the time, the team of development blames IT operation for not being reactive. As for the IT operation blames development team for not taking into account their constraints and customer requests.

That’s why the DevOps process tries to move closer both team and to align their objectives with the companies’ need, according to the customer requests. Purpose is to develop more communication between the two parties. Generally, theses two teams have their own objective, with the DevOps process the two team’s objective become the same. However DevOps is not simply combining development and operation team, but making two team work together while keeping their specificities. Additionally, for a better understanding, frequently the two teams cooperate in the reality such as construction of a internal logistic or intergration of the offices. It is also encouraging the participation of the customer, with continuously delivering into customer’s labs, to get fast feedback, to align on understanding of customer expectation and service ability and provide immediate changes.

DevOps is based on feedback loops, collaboration and continuous improvement.

In all steps, the software production is automated and monitored. To improve the integration between the development and the production, the two teams have to communicate each time they are performing any modification. That’s why everything is measure and any improvement can be demonstrated. Even if development and production don’t have the same function, the two of them have to keep in mind the end state of the software. To accomplish this goal a good management is essential.

Today a lot of software companies are adopting this process.

The final goal is to achieve very quick turnaround time for product feature delivery from its conception to development, shipment and deployment. It is also mandatory to be in the mindset to be ready to take into account customer feed-back and be able to react by providing any new change.

Thanks to the DevOps process product is achieved faster and keep high quality. Failure rate decrease, and there’s reduce of time to fix it. Usage of Dev Ops is now a criteria for companies when they are selecting a software provider.

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