How can the robots select your parcel?

In 2017, during the “Double 11” period, 4% of the courier in the year was delivered. During the first half of the year, the express delivery in China had completed a total of 17.32 billion pieces.

With this huge amount, how can courier companies select all the parcels exactly? Many of them decided to increase their investment in scientific research.

As the picture shows, small robots with orange pallets shuttle in the warehouse, carrying parcels to the exact places, like cars driving in a miniature city. Such robots can also find their own source of power, then charging themselves.

According to reports, these robots are mainly for small parcels no more than 60 cm long, 50 cm wide and less than 5 kg. In an hour, only 300 robots can complete the selection of 20 million parcels in a 2000 square meters warehouse. Sorters simply put the parcel on the tray of robots, they can automatically identify the weight and the information noted on each parcel by scanning the code. Each identification can be done in only 1 second. Moreover, the accuracy rate is higher than 99.99 %.

The core of black technology – technology based on visual identification.

  1. Automated color-code scanning

Workers simply scan the bar code on the parcel, enter the relevant information into the sorting system, then robots will receive instructions to determine which sorting area the parcels belong. The essential part of this technology is to control the sorting system. It sorts the information according to the material and weight provided by the merchant or the owner, and issues the sorting request, so the robot can deliver the parcels to different areas.

  1. Automated quantity detection technology

The robots can not only classify the parcels automatically, but also check the data in the warehouse.

In order to keep abreast of inventory, to deal with sudden out-of-stock incidents, courier companies can control the quantity, inventory and refund of the parcels via this automatic sorting system, to provide accurate data for understanding the market. Moreover, it can help courier companies and suppliers to form an efficient supply system in order to enhance the performance of both sides.

  1. Automated shape recognition technology

This kind of technology, which is specifically designed for shape recognition, makes the selection of parcels more efficient. According to the shape of parcels, sorting robots can classify quickly and exactly. With this technology, we can not only save space, but also build up the delivery speed gradually and safely.

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