Movement from E to M commerce – The evolving future mode of business


The impact of the Internet on E-Commerce

The Internet and e-commerce will never be independent but combining them as a tool which leads the transformation and innovation in traditionals industries. More and more businesses will use the Internet for e-commerce, Internet will be fully integrated into the operation and management of enterprises, and e-commerce will be the best tool for enterprises to reduce costs, expand scale and face new challenges. The development of the Internet provides a good opportunity for the development of e-commerce. The development of both have mutual influence and mutual restraint. In the near future, we have reason to believe that e-commerce will become the mainstream use of the Internet. The Internet will also provide unparalleled advantages and conditions for the development of e-commerce.

What is M-Commerce?

M-commerce (Mobile) refers to the business activities of hand-held mobile terminals such as mobile phones, PDAs(Personnal Digital Assistant, and handheld computers). It has a broader user base than traditional e-commerce on a PC (desktop PC, laptop) platform, because we have more mobile terminals than the fixed terminals.

What is the technology base for M-Commerce?

1) Wireless Networks:

There are currently two types of wireless access technologies commonly used, one is cellular technology that charges for connection times and covers a large area. The other is Short-range wireless access technology, such as WIFI or Bluetooth, tend to provide higher data rates but with less coverage, which is charged by the transmission of data.

2) Mobile Internet: It is the combination of mobile communications and the Internet. There are many middlewares and applications that connect mobile devices to the Internet.

WAP is a global network communication protocol. WAP makes mobile Internet has a popular standard, it can be widely used in many networks such as GSM, CDMA, TDMA and 3G.

Java ME is a Java language platform for embedded consumer devices such as set-top boxes, mobile phones and PDAs, including virtual machines and a series of standardized Java APIs(Application Programming Interface). The most popular application of Java ME is game software.

BREW is the best platform solution for 3G system designed by Qualcomm in 2001 can support cdmaOne / CDMA2000 / GSM / GPRS / UMTS / WCDMA. It is technically across three major areas: telecommunications, software development and mobile phone factory.

3) Mobile intelligent terminal: based on hash chain security mechanism and relatively simple to achieve, users need to follow certain business rules. It introduces an independent third-party broker, which is responsible for providing end-users with certificates and corresponding certification commitments, while honoring payment commitments for businesses.

How the smartphone influence M-Commerce?

The advent of smartphones means consumers can do mobile transactions anytime, anywhere. M-commerce is a highly service-focused industry. It is a platform for enterprises and customers to interact with each other, whether through email, instant messaging, online forums and telephone services, the service can be implemented on smartphones. The 3G network is only the foundation of e-commerce , Commercial 4G technology will provide consumers with a high-speed channel, you can feel the essence of the real thing through the video. The 3D technology in the mobile phone application will allow consumers to consume through the smartphone, to be immersive like they are shopping in reality The color of goods, styles, functions can be clear at a glance.

What are the characteristics of M-Commerce?

1) Commercial activity can be done anytime, anywhere with smartphone

2) More users connected

3) Identification the users according to the unique reference of every SIM card create the user data


Because E-Commerce and M-Commerce have different characteristics, M-Commerce can not completely replace the traditional E-Commerce. Both are complementary and mutually reinforcing. Mobile communications is flexible that determine the mobile e-commerce should be positioned in the field of popular personal consumption.

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