Legaltechs and lawyer’s cohabitation on French market


According to, a website referencing the world of start-up’s, among the 72,598 Start-up, 1759 of them are  legaltech companies around the world. In France, 113 legaltechs have been created in last 10 years.

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Firstly, the word “legaltech” refers to « legal technologies » developed by businessmen in order to complete legal services to a justiciable using software and technology to provide legal services

The success of this new companies, becoming more and more important in this legal market, emphasise one major issue : What is the place of the Lawyer in this new way of doing Business ?

Impact of these news companies on the legal market 

The boom of legaltechs can be explained by real but unconsidered needs of a population daily confrontation with complexe legal issues or administrative processes. This new service in the French market eases access of the law to popular/simple justiciable. Most of French citizen confronted with conflict, found a solution in their direct environment or looked for an alternative on the internet in order to avoid lawyer’s fees. And those legaltechs offer various and reliable alternatives.

Hence, the “Legalstart‘s” platform, which supports Business owner in the French complex administrative process of company creation and permits them to create it in less than 48 hours thanks to a simple and intuitive questionnaire

In this way, proposed an innovative legal database based on algorithms. The particularity of this legaltech is their claim that they will work hand in hand with lawyers.

Lawyers position in front of innovation

At First most of French lawyers were suspicious towards these news legal businesses, but the success of these companies forced them to reconsider their position. A possible cohabitation between a new system and an old system is possible but also recommended. The true debate is to know how lawyer can adapt their profession regarding this new technologies?

In practice, some law firms realized the importance to follow these new technologies. A online chat has already been proposed by lawyer on their website (monavocatconnecté.com).

It may be an encouraging innovative step, but not enough. Hence, in America and UK, a chatbot called Donotpay is as able as a lawyer to answer simple legal issues, especially on consumer law. It can also write legal act such as complaint letter. But it reliability is limited for now yet, but it will improve in the futur.

In order to cohabite with these news technologies, lawyers should work on three points :

  • Collaboration : It is the first step. Lawyers should work together to become stronger.
  • Spécialisation and personnalisation of services :  Automatisation of law services will be efficient for simple tasks. Lawyers should focus their activities on high quality services. Personnalisation of legal acts is and will continue to be necessary in order to offer optimal services. Such as tourism, personnalisation of services will be offers to biggest client who will need to be more protected than others.
  • Innovation : Innovatives ideas and entrepreneurship onside the lawyers’ community should be encouraged.


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