Air France launches its first chatbot: Louis

At the meeting of the digital #AFDigidays (Air France and their days dedicated to digital), the airline Air France presented its latest innovations and news. The key subject being his new chatbot named Louis.

It was noted that no less than 20% of the questions on social networks were about baggage issues, cluttering customer services. Air France therefore had the idea to design Louis, a chatbot, to assist customers in real time by answering their questions. According to Air France, the second most common topic of assistance on social media is baggage management. Louis will not only give the generic answers, but personalized ones, according to the type of ticket and passenger. Thus, Air France focuses on artificial intelligence and social networks.

Moreover, Air France is one of the first companies to have tested artificial intelligence for the customer relationship. The CEO of the company, Jean-Marc Janaillac, wanted to create a “personalized” customer relationship. By adding artificial intelligence to the heart of the relationship with its customers, the challenge would be to know the customers better, and to lead them from the beginning to the end of the process. According to Air France, Air France is “doing everything possible to offer the best experience beyond travel or flight“.

In partnership with Messenger, a natural extension of Facebook, Louis is also available on the “Baggage FAQ” page of its website, where are listed the most commonly asked questions such as “how much luggage can you carry on board ? What is the difference between cabin and checked baggage ? “…

But, everyone has their limits, and when Louis reaches the end of its knowledge (when the chatbot has trouble understanding the intention of the user, when users ask to speak to a counselor, or when the message contains more than 200 characters …), a redirection to a counselor will be planned.

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