Xiaomi enters the European smartphone market

Xiaomi literally “millet technology”, is a Chinese electronics and software company headquartered in Beijing and created in April 2010. It is now the world’s 5th largest smartphone brand in 2017.

The logo of Xiaomi is in the shape of “MI”, it is the abbreviation of “Mobile Internet”, but also the pronunciation of the Chinese Pinyin “mi” in capital letters. Another meaning of “MI” is “mission impossible”. “MI” with the upside down shape is like “heart(心)” in Chinese, meaning “to serve for the user”. Xiaomi designs smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and related consumer electronics.

In October 2017, Wang Xiang, the vice president of Xiaomi announced on Weibo that Xiaomi is setting a new milestone and will officially enter the Western European market with new products. First stop, Madrid in Spain, November the 7th, and we are all looking forward to it.

From the published posters, the new products of Xiaomi released in Spain will have Ninebot (a new self-balancing riding mechanism).

As for the phone, naturally it will be presented, after all this is an international step forward for Xiaomi, but the number of models released is still unclear.

Otherwise, we can see from Xiaomi’s official site that Xiaomi had already positioned in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Russia. And Xiaomi is placed second largest mobile’s brand in India. Spain will be the 18th country releasing Xiaomi’s products besides China.

For the record, Xiaomi and Microsoft reached a cooperation which obtained more than 1,500 patents. Then Xiaomi aslo signed a patent with Nokia.

With only 7 years of development, now Xiaomi is becoming more and more an international brand, as only the future will tell us more.







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