The visioconsultation : « Hello doctor, are you online ? »


Today 27% students or 41% public officials waive to consult a doctor because of financial problems, geographical remoteness or lack of time. The French government recently announced: to strive medical deserts and improve the quality of healthcare: we must promote the telemedicine. Consult his psychiatrist at home, without moving is now possible.


Fanny Jacq, founded Doctoconsult since Septembre 2017, the first French platform of “visioconsultation” in Psychiatry. To have an appointment, the homepage will lead the patient to various professionals according to his needs. He will later have access to a presentation sheet of the doctor and will choose an appointment. Visioconsultation needs of course to be equipped with a Webcam.

Even if the real meeting remains irreplaceable, visioconsultation could respond to many patients’ expectations as : travel constraints, overburdened work schedule, difficulty in finding a specialist nearby, urgent request … This innovative technologic solution responds a double need: simplify healthcare access and improve patient support by doctors. This system’s flexibly is a real strength in facing ruptures of healthcare.

The parties concerned can register for free online. Each professional is free to set the prices of his consultation, on which the platform receives a commission of 15% (decreases depending on consultations’ number).

This visioconsultation is reimbursed by Social Security. Patients will receive their treatments forms and if they need medication, the psychiatrist sends them by email or regular mail.


Many disorders can be treated by this method, such as eating disorders or smoking addiction. Nonetheless, acute psychosis, family therapy or psychoanalysis require traditional consultation. Moreover, evidences confirm that visioconsultation makes the patient more confortable to speak with his doctor. Children feel also at ease with these new medical technologies. Nutritionists dare take the leap and follow the steps initiated by Fany Jacq.


This also raises the question to know if such practices will inevitably change the way of modern’s medicine and habits of the patients. Will this trend only relate to psychiatry ? Or will it continue to be widespread worldwide ? Other important actions to undertake in this area would be creating an adequate legal framework for this service. Get to work !

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Depuis toujours passionnée par la lecture et le droit, et en même temps jamais bien loin d'une connexion internet, allier travail et passion m'a naturellement dirigé vers le droit des nouvelles technologies. Avec une petite préférence pour la protection des données personnelles ainsi que les contrats informatiques.

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