iOS 11 : Say Goodbye To Videogames Heritage

September 2017 marks the release of the new Apple smartphones: the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but also the new update for iPhone, iOS 11. Every new iPhone means a new update.


This update improves the functionality of Apple devices and adds new features. Especially the ability to download games with augmented reality, so much more immersive. However, like the previous big updates and despite a lot of tests in recent months, the new iOS version gets malfunctions.

The malfunction that has grinded the teeth of the aficionados of the iPhone games is the incompatibility of many of them with iOS 11. This signs the death of applications in 32-bits if they are not updated by their author. This is the case of the game Flappy birds.

According to Business Insider, it is a little less than 200,000 applications that are threatened to disappear.

In addition to the disappointment of many players, Apple updates is problematical for the preservation of videogames heritage in the digital age. Indeed, it challenges the archiving of digital works that are supposed to not fall into decay with time and be preserved. Moreover, more and more video games museums are born recently, such as the Pixel Museum near Strasbourg (France).
Many people advocate for the preservation of video game memories, often privately or institutionally, such as the National Conservatory of Video Gaming. They hope to make digital actors aware of the need to preserve applications throughout the creative process.

Right now, the only solution to keep the old versions of these games is to keep the smartphones without updating them because as it is impossible to transfer the old OS to the new smartphone.

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Etudiante en Master 2 Droit de l'économie numérique à l'Université de Strasbourg. Passionnée de musique, de cinéma et de numérique, je m'intéresse particulièrement à la protection des données personnelles mais également à la propriété intellectuelle.

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