Alibaba has expanded its business in France

In France, compared to the well-known US rival Amazon, Alibaba lacks the visibility in the French public. But now, Alibaba strengthens their own advantages on the one hand, while preparing to take action.

China’s electricity giants Alibaba is currently testing the speed of delivery to French customers in France. Specifically, Alibaba want to establish a big warehouse in Paris, and then, deliver the merchandise to all of France from this warehouse.

The purpose of the experiment is to improve the speed of delivery in France. The AliExpress online trading platform is designed for communication between Chinese merchants and guests around the world, and the weakness in France for AliExpress is that the time of delivery to french customers is too long. For example, if you order a mobile phone case in France, you may have to wait one or two weeks to receive the goods. Alibaba want to know if it’s possible to deliver the goods in France in 24 hours.

In addition, the team of Alibaba is working with French logistics partners to build an outsourced warehouse. Alibaba’s main rival, Amazon, the number of large shipping center in France will reach five in the end of 2017.

Group Alibaba opened a representative office in January 2016 in France, up to now, it has 15 staffs, and then, it introduced the french products to the Chinese market through its B to C platform TMALL. “New generation of Chinese consumers is very fond of the quality and design of foreign goods,” Mr. Badault observed. TMALL has a total of 450 million customers, there are 350 French brands in TMALL, such as: LVMH, L’Oréal, Danone, Evian, etc., in addition there is some small brand, such as Morgan, Cache Cache.

Alibaba has a lot of partners, such as the Printemps, Sephora, Galeries Lafayette, Chinese tourists can pay on the phone of Alipay in those stores. Alibaba has also established a partnership with Air France, SNCF and Accor Hotels in order to facilitate the travel of Chinese tourists. The main customers for Alibaba in french market are the Chinese tourists, with the growing influence of Alibaba in Frane, in will turn its service to french customer too.

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