Sarahah : the new social network which is successful with teenagers

In Arabic, Sarahah means « honesty » or « candour ». This application is the new social network focused on privacy and trust.


Sarahah is a new messaging app which has been created by a Saudi, Zain al Abidin Twafiq. He wanted to create an application which allows users to send anonymous messages to another one.

How it works

Thanks to Sarahah, a user can send an anonymous message to another user (this latter isn’t anonymous because the first user wants to send him a message, so the second one is the « target » of the first user).

Firstly, the creator wants to break the ice between employers and employees with this application.

And then, in order to have more sucessfull, the creator decided to open to everyone this application.

The success

The success is in part due to Snapchat and its updating on July. Indeed, people can share links with their Snapchat stories.

Thanks to that, some users share their Sarahah profile.

Sarahah shot to the top of Apple’s App Store in more than 30 countries in July.

The app now has almost 300 million users.

Now, there are only three staff.

The problem : the misuse

But now, the problem is that some people receive vulgar and sexual messages.

That is the reason why, the creator tries to find a solution in order to solve this problem.

The creator told that in the application, they « do have features such as blocking and filtering, and many other techniques » but, he didn’t want to say enough otherwise he could make the misuser’s job easier. So, we don’t know exactly the details of these measures. We just know that they have taken a lot of measures.

But, we all know that some truths are better left unsaid and that it’s easy to criticize. Moreover, the majority of criticisms are not constructive … 

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