The new sex humanoid robots

Nowadays, the exploits of artificial intelligence continue to surprise us. Artificial intelligence tends to imitate the replacement of the human in all domains, even in his intimacy with humanoid robots.

According to a study published by the University of Oxford, robots in 2060 will become better than human beings in all areas. Sexual robots would be increasingly advanced with an artificial intelligence, imitating human behavior.

Aaron Smith et Janna Anderson Researchers, have published a study according to which intelligent and sexual dolls will arrive on the market in 2025 see 2030. 33% of respondents are in favor of welcoming domestic robots at home, only 9% would agree to make love with.

The perfect humanoid robot will be the new life partner or the new sexual partner of tomorrow. With a global turnover estimated at 50 billion euros, the sex market is a sector that does not know the crisis. The dolls of the future can be chosen according to a preferential morphology, and a particular attitude dictated by the owner of the doll. For example, The American company RealDoll will soon market intelligent sex dolls. They will cost around € 10,000. They will be made of silicone and will be able to adapt to all postures.

The robot will be able to blink eyes bending the head. Indeed the device will be connected to a mobile application that will allow to set voices and to program moods. The Artificial Intelligence of Real Doll is called Harmony. 90% of the dolls will be female dolls. It is currently difficult to estimate the number of people in possession of sex robots because companies keep the numbers secret.

The questions of ethics that arise, is the use that will be made in the long term when the dolls are marketed. It would appear that there is a representative use of illegal acts such as rape. These dolls will necessarily have to find a legal framework like the non-marketing of children dolls,as well as non-use for acts of incitement to sexual violence.

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