The APP XunWei develops his user in London

The APP XunWei (New Savour) is an application which is developed by a student study in France. In original, he just want to help the students in Paris to find the chinese restaurants.

The developers of application New Savour are trying to collect the information of theses chinese restaurants in Paris, including all the basic information, such as the address, the telephone number, the opening hour, the special dishes, the score, the price of the average consumption and the comments. If you click the address, it can turn to the APP of Map in your phone directly, so that you can know the route from your location and the way that how to get there. You can find comments on the home page of every restaurant, and after you register a compte, you can also give comments on the dishes or the restaurant itself, and give them a score. The comment and the score can help the user to know the restaurant better.

The group adds a function of search, the users can search by the following ways :

– the most simply way is that the users can search the name of the restaurant directly in the top of the home page of the APP, and then they can see the information of the restaurant.

– the group gives every restaurant a mark, such as barbecue, hot pot, buffet, dessert and so on or give them a mark of categories, for example, the Szechwan dish, the Cantonese dish, or give them a mark by the special, like Peking Duck, dumplings, noodle and so on. there are so many classification so that there are so many mark, the group give the mark to the restaurant and the restaurant defines his mark at the same time, so the user can find a restaurant that has  several mark.

– the group classes the restaurant by the zone too, as we know there are 20 zones in Paris, so we the users can search the restaurant by the zone.

– the group adds a function of location, it means that the users cans search the restaurants around them.

With the succeed in chinese restaurant, the group adds the Asian restaurant, such as japanese restaurant, korean restaurant, vietnamese restaurant and thai restaurant. The group gives also them the mark so that the user can search them easier.

As more and more people sign in the APP, the group develops another function, if the user comments the dishes or the restaurant, they can get some fictitious money, when the restaurants announce the information of the reduction, the users can buy the ticket of reduction, and then when the go to these restaurants, they can get the discount.

But how can the APP make money? As more and more people use it, he has a commercial value, there are some companies want to advertise their products in APP, so the group can get the advertising fee.

Now the group develops their market in London by the same method of Paris and gets the success too.

The APP that knows Asian food! New Savour offers a convenient way to find the most authentic Asian restaurants in Paris. Just download the APP and find the delicious asian food.

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