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The co-registration first became known in the United States and then began to develop in 2005, elsewhere in the world. Efficient and inexpensive, it allows advertisers to easily collect opt-in e-mail addresses.

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What is Co-registration?

Co-registration is an Internet marketing technique that consists of collecting shared e-mail addresses between a publisher site and one or more partner sites.

How co-registration works?

When a user subscribes to a newsletter, opens an account or makes an order, the publisher site collects information using a form. In order to retrieve these addresses and other information, a partner site may include a checkbox with an alternate offer, such as a subscription to another newsletter, for example. If the user agrees, the data is then transferred to the partner advertiser. Generally, the data collection includes the surname, first name, date of birth, mailing address and email address of the registrant. The partner site is obviously billed by the publisher site to the number of contacts obtained and depending on the quality of the information.

The coregistration thus makes it possible to recruit contacts opt in affinity, having shown a real interest in the brand. Depending on the technical skills of the advertiser, it is possible to collect “deduplicated” data via the use of a web service. This process allows advertisers to retrieve custom-tailored profiles and acquire an optimized prospecting base via a performance-based model. This “cost per lead” economic model favors a close monitoring of acquisition budgets. This process works well if good practices are respected. It’s about collecting leads in a transparent way. In other words, the user must be free to subscribe or not to the other offers of the partners. There must be no pre-registration at registration, the user must be able to give his explicit consent.

The co-registration campaign templates

There are several coregistration campaign templates based on each advertiser’s collection strategy: on-site coregistration (via a form), as part of a competition (which may be sponsored, with a sharing of leads between Partners) and finally the coregistration as part of a survey that allows users to qualify on the basis of one or more questions.

On the market, several players offer a coregistration offering: Advertise me (with the Coreg Feed solution), LSF Interactive (via the DualOptin network), Optin Solution, etc.

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