Apple on the road of augmented reality

All the Internet giants have embarked on the race of innovation in augmented reality, seeing it as the future disruptive technology. The smartphone stagnant in the market curves, giants are interested in this new technology, they even say that augmented reality will replace smartphones in the future. Apple is not outdone, it is also interested in the technology of augmented reality. 

What is augmented reality? 

Often confused with virtual reality, it is nevertheless a different technology. Unlike virtual reality, which is completely virtual, augmented reality is a mixture of the real and the virtual. In fact, we view the reality on which is added virtual elements that can be texts, images or videos.

Apple shares in this market: 

In early June, Apple announced the launch of a platform called ARKit for application developers in the field of augmented reality. The ARKit allows developers to access the smartphone’s central processor, the camera and the various motion sensors on Apple’s devices.

What is also interesting in the advance of augmented reality is that the next operating system iOS 11 will allow all Apple devices equipped with an A9 chip to use augmented reality. Thus the equipment to receive the augmented reality will be much more numerous than today.

In addition, at the end of June the company announced the purchase of a German company specializing in augmented reality, SensoMotoric Instruments. This company is more particularly competent in eye-tracking, in other words a technology that measures the eye movements. This technology is necessary for virtual or augmented reality glasses because it allows to follow in real time the movements of the eyes.

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