Data Gif Maker by Google

Tired to be a looser during your presentations? No panic, Google comes to your rescue. Data Gif Maker is the new born of the American giant. This tool allows you to associate animation and data in a GIF format.

From a site, Google offers you the possibility to create a gif to facilitate the understanding of the data (and to impress your colleagues). To create these animations, simply go to and follow the instructions.

For the moment the tool is very simple, it allows us just to compare 2 data but hope that success touches this tool and that mountaine view firm offers us other features.

How does it work ?

1. Choose two data to compare

You can compare anything that is comparable. Customer satisfaction or who is the best between Ronaldo and Messi.

2. Enter values et choose colors

3. Enter data sample

4. Visualize and/or download


Now, it’s your turn to play, click here

GIF celebrates 30 years

Created June 15th 1987 by the first big Internet Service Provider in the United States, CompuServe, one of the most popular format of image of Web survived his creator, who disappeared ten years ago. At that time, the company didn’t think that this simplistic system of compression allowing to exchange images by internet was going to position itself as base of the Web culture.

Originally, the GIF was not designed to create the endlessly animated images that we see everywhere, but simply to broadcast color images over the Internet. This is evidenced by the very first GIF published on the web in 1992 for the promotion of a group of parodic pop.

Quickly competing with other image formats such as JPEG or PNG, the GIF distinguished itself by its ability to manage multiple images. It’s now integrated on all social networks. This pioneer of the Internet can blow with dignity his 30 candles.

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