Youtube to stop paying small channels

You’re new to the content creator community on Youtube ? There is some bad news for you. The platform just announced that channels below the 10 000 views bar will not be payed anymore. 



Small channels won’t get any money from their videos from now on, VP of Product Management  Ariel Bardin wrote on Youtube’s Creator blog On Thursday, April 6. If you want to make money from your videos, your channel is now required to have at least a total of 10 000 views. A very small amount for some channels, but a very big for others.

Google’s video platform is encountering a major crisis since the beginning of the year, with more and more sponsors leaving the boat. After more than 750 billions of loss, Youtube decided to change its politics about the content creators community. The reason is simple: they simply noticed that sometimes, small channels with forbidden content are getting money from their illegal activities, by adding adds on their videos. Five years after starting to pay its creators, Youtube is finally stepping back.



In order to stop that issue, Youtube is now implementing a 10 000 views minimum for the users to unlock the advertising feature. This answer to the problem is easily understandable since more than 90% of the channels on the platform never cross the line of 10 000 views, and generate only 5% of the total views.

By adding that requirement, Youtube is trying to avoid illegal content on his website and saving some money as well. Plus, if a malicious channel manage to trick the system regardless, the red flag feature still allows people to notify Youtube about illegal activities and make the content deleted automatically . However, new and honest content creators are seeing that measure as unfair and brutal, since small channels didn’t have a lot of visibility in the first place.

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