Check your American Express account just by talking to Alexa

Introducing Echo and Alexa

In June 2015, Amazon released in the U.S the Amazon Echo, a smart speaker backed by an artificial intelligence platform named Alexa. Thanks to this technology, the device turns into voice-controlled virtual assistant, a smart home controller and beyond.

At the begining, Echo was basically just a voice-operated speaker, limited to playing music, setting alarms, reading news ,telling you the weather, , telling corny jokes and producing shopping lists. But the little tower is getting smarter and more powerful every week with new abilities added. Alexa is now able, for exemple, to cleverly control your home, manage your Google calendar, track your packages or order pizza from Domino’s.

In January 2017, 7,000 skills (services associated with vocal commands) were avaible for the Amazon assistant.

New Amex skill from American Express

On the 11th of May  2017, American Express launched the new Amex skill for Amazon Alexa , a financial upgrade for the personal assistant. It allows curtomers to use voice commands in order to make a payment, check their account balance or review recent charges.

Moreover, the device will also connect to Amex Offers ecosystem, enabling card members to browse limited-time deals , available through their card. Amex notes that this makes it the first financial service skill to include a benefit like this one.

Capital One, the pioneer

However, American Express is not the first financial service to propose this kind of feature. In March 2016, Capital One already offered its customers a way to interact with their financial accounts through Alexa devices. They could access in real time all their accounts – from credit cards to home and auto loans.

In November 2016, they released a new feature called «  How much did I spend ? ». Capital One customers can ask Alexa for their recent spending history at more than 2,000 popular merchants such as Amazon, Starbucks and Whole Foods.

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