Optimize photos on your Facebook page for an effective business strategy

If some marketing techniques can prove to be very expensive, social networks are free and can bring you back a lot. That’s why they should be at the center of any marketing strategy. According to a recent study by Globalwebindex, a third of users visit Enterprise Facebook Pages. So how do you ensure that your Facebook page serves the interests of your business effectively?

Strategically using the cover photo

The cover photo is the first element that a user sees when he or she arrives on your Facebook page. To better exploit it, we advise you to use this space to highlight your marketing objectives: presentation of your latest product, communication on the values, missions and vision of your company, participation in your competition, etc.

Example 1: Encourage participation in one of your physical events

(Decathlon Strasbourg Geispolsheim)

To avoid degrading the quality of your images following Facebook compression, you must:

  1. Choose a visual, qualitative, attractive and unique reflecting the universe of your company
  2. Adopt the dimensions 820 x 312 px (desktop) / 640 x 360 px (mobile) and a preferred png format.

Example 2: Coordinate your cover photo with Facebook’s native action call button


To Adapt the publication images to the right size

We advise you to always use images in your publications to attract the attention of users. Indeed, updates with images get 50% more likes than those that do not.
Just be careful not to use images on which the text is illegible because of a small size of the image or images that do not appear in all the space provided to you.
According to Facebook’s recommendations, it is advisable to upload JPEG photos with an sRGB color profile, except for profile and cover photos with a logo or text (PNG).

  1. Facebook profile photo: 180 × 180 pixels minimum (ratio 1: 1 square)
    Shown in 170 × 170 pixels on the page, 32 × 32 pixels in avatar
  2. Cover photo Facebook: 851 × 315 pixels (ratio 2.7: 1)
    Posted in 820x312px on desktop, 640x360px on mobile
  3. Image of a web link on Facebook: 1200 × 628 pixels (ratio 1.91: 1)
    Shown in 450 × 236 on pages and 476 × 249 on the newsfeed (desktop)
  4. Shared image on Facebook: 1200 × 630 pixels
    Displayed with a width of 504px on the page, 470px on the newsfeed
  5. Highlight image on Facebook: 1200 × 717 pixels
    Displayed in 843 × 504 pixels on your Facebook page


(Blog du modérateur)

The above data represents the 2017 guide to the size of Facebook images. This means that these data are regularly updated.

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